HARD KILL HARRY - Anton and his pet pig, Harry, live in a small apartment in Hobbes city. They like to hang out together, eat junk and watch "Hard Kill Harry", their favorite movie of all time. They are such big fans that they have the world biggest memorabilia collection and Harry was even named after the movie's main character.

One night Harry accidently gets locked out of his apartment and comes face to face with other animals for the very first time. Besides being blue and having the ability to talk to Anton, Harry finds out there's something else that makes him different from all other animals...

 The full graphic novel out now! - Enjoy the short preview below!

*Cover artwork by SIMON BISLEY*

HARD KILL HARRY - Full Graphic Novel 

This purchase is for a PHYSICAL Graphic Novel consisting of 162 pages of story and artwork.

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David Dandorf


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